We have researched and identified dozens of communities across the United States that have passed a policy to restrict the use of polystyrene in foodservice ware. Some communities such as Seattle ban polystyrene in all foodservice businesses; others may only restrict the use of government funds to purchase polystyrene.

See our list of the communities restricting polystyrene.

Based on this research, we testified before our Takoma Park City Council and asked them to ban the use of City funds to purchase polystyrene. They agreed! And on June 7th, 2010, passed a resolution, β€œConcerning the Purchase of Polystyrene Food Service Ware.”

In March 2012, we asked Montgomery County Councilmember George Leventhal to consider similar legislation for the county. In July 2012, he introduced a resolution to encourage the elimination of polystyrene in County cafeterias. It passed unanimously. Click here for a video clip of the Young Activist Club being recognized for its work. The resolution states:

β€œThe Council supports the elimination of polystyrene foodware in County Government cafeterias and encourages other public and private food service facilities to also consider the elimination of the use of polystyrene foodware.”

The County’s Department of General Services has successfully worked with its food service contractors to eliminate the use of polystyrene at its cafeteria sites. These sites are now using recycled paper products for food containers and plates.

We have also asked the Piney Branch Elementary School PTA to ban the use of polystyrene foodservice ware at PTA sponsored events. They agreed. Click here for the resolution the PTA passed November 2010. We are now contacting other local PTAs to sign similar pledges. In February 2013, we will be presenting a pledge to the Takoma Middle School PTA.