We are asking business owners and managers to sign our pledge to go polystyrene free.  This pledge is to help make our community safer and healthier and to raise awareness in our community about the problems with polystyrene.  After businesses sign the pledge, they get a window decal to display and we will deliver a stack of our bookmarks to further help raise awareness.

Thus far, more than two dozen business owners and managers in Takoma Park have signed the pledge to not use polystyrene foodservice ware! Also, eight businesses have pledged to only give straws if they are asked for by the customer.

Please Make the Pledge!

You don’t need to be in Takoma Park, to pledge to go polystyrene-free.  We now have an online option.

Sign the Pledge Online.

No Styrofoam Foodservice Ware Pledge for Businesses

On behalf of my business, we pledge to not use polystyrene foodservice ware for anything in our restaurant/store/business. We recognize that polystyrene – resin code #6 – is virtually nonrecyclable, nonreusable, and noncompostable and that it is made from styrene, a known neurotoxicant and reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen.  As an alternative, my business will seek to use reusable or compostable plates, containers, cups, and silver ware to serve our food or drinks.

I sign this on behalf of my business because I want to do good for our community, our customers, and our environment.