Montgomery County Pilot Project – Paper Trays

A new step has been taken towards a brighter, Eco-friendly future in Montgomery County. Implemented on April 28, 2014, Francis Scott Key Middle School in Silver Spring is now using recyclable paper trays for their school-bought lunches. Although the trays cost 4.27 cents, 1 cent more, some students have commented that the trays are flimsy and weak. They are more Eco-friendly, but they are only one step towards the final goal of reusable trays. Anna Brookes,  a seventh-grader at Takoma Park Middle School said she thinks the reusable trays would be a better alternative to plastic than the recyclable paper trays. “Getting rid of Styrofoam is still a major step,” she said. It may be a big step, but we are not at the end of the pier.

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